My husband and I adventured to San Francisco this past June to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary, and we had the time of our lives! I fully plan on blogging photos of our trip + putting together a little San Francisco travel guide, so be on the look out for that!


Anyway, while we were there I had the opportunity to photograph Maddy & Andrew, and they are the cutest humans ever!! They had just moved to the city from Utah, so it was fun chatting about all the places we had explored so far, and swapping tips back and forth! I wanted to shoot in a location that I don’t get to shoot at very often coming from Utah, so the ocean was the perfect choice! Gosh, I love the ocean! Although San Francisco doesn’t quite have the typical beach weather, it still delivered some gorgeous lighting!!


Maddy & Andrew have been married two years, but you can still see that they are head over heels for each other! So giggly, so lovey dovey, just so perfect for each other!! And can we talk about how amazing her hair looks whipping all over?! #hairgoals for sure! We walked around Lands End, and were able to get some great shots with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, and then walked over by the Sutro Baths — those were incredible!! I so wish I could have seen them in their full, operating glory! But alas, the ruins made for some awesome shots too. I seriously had the best time photographing these two in San Francisco, and I hope to get back there soon to do some more exploring (and photographing, who am I kidding?! 🙂 )


San Francisco Couples Session | Engagement, Anniversary, exploring the cityPINIMAGESan Francisco Couples Session | Engagement, Anniversary, exploring the cityPINIMAGESan Francisco Couples Session | Engagement, Anniversary, exploring the cityPINIMAGESan Francisco Couples Session | Engagement, Anniversary, exploring the cityPINIMAGESan Francisco Couples Session | Engagement, Anniversary, exploring the cityPINIMAGESan Francisco Couples Session | Engagement, Anniversary, exploring the cityPINIMAGESan Francisco Couples Session | Engagement, Anniversary, exploring the cityPINIMAGESan Francisco Couples Session | Engagement, Anniversary, exploring the cityPINIMAGE


I’m so excited to be sharing Caitlin & Joey’s engagement session!! Caitlin is one of my 2017 #ADPbrides, and I have loved every second of working with her! I have some totally amazing brides this year, and I feel so so lucky to be apart of all their journeys to the altar!


For their engagement session, Caitlin and Joey chose the expansive, beautiful, green field located at Tunnel Springs Park. They both love wide open spaces, so this was a perfect location for that! We started our session off by the trees so we could take advantage of the open shade, and these two were pros from the get go. Caitlin and Joey were laughing and being the exact amount of adorable that is needed for an engagement session. These two have a special bond, and it is so so apparent when you see them interacting with each other!


Just as the sun was setting, we ventured out more into the open field and got some spectacular shots. At one point I did an exercise where I had Caitlin and Joey go back and forth telling each other what they love about the other person. You guys, it was literally amazing!! They were just staring into each other’s eyes and giving the most sincere, loving compliments, and I’m pretty sure all of our eyes welled up with tears. That is why I do what I do! Love is amazing!! To be able to witness couple’s spilling their hearts out to each other time and time again — ah! I get goosebumps just thinking about it! I have the best couples ever, and I truly love my job!


Congratulations on your engagement, Caitlin & Joey! I can’t wait for your August wedding!!

Utah Engagement Session, Tunnel Springs ParkPINIMAGEUtah Engagement Session, Tunnel Springs ParkPINIMAGEUtah Engagement Session, Tunnel Springs ParkPINIMAGEUtah Engagement Session, Tunnel Springs ParkPINIMAGEUtah Engagement Session, Tunnel Springs ParkPINIMAGEUtah Engagement Session, Tunnel Springs ParkPINIMAGE


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I had the great opportunity to teach one of my videographer friends how to take better photos, and it was sooo much fun! It was so interesting to learn how what I do as a photographer varies so differently from what she does as a videographer! Just goes to show that each profession is so different and specialized! It was really fun for me, because I love talking about light, natural intimate posing, and letting the true essence of a couple shine through in the photos!


We chose the Salt Lake City Library as the location for this session, and it was perfect! It was lightly raining outside, so we were thankful for the cover it provided, but also – all the light!! The millions of windows were perfect for giving us nice filtered light. We had the cutest Jordyn + John model for us, and they absolutely nailed it! Don’t you just love their height difference?! My husband is a foot taller than me, so when I see couple’s with height differences like ours, I definitely have a special spot in my heart for them haha.


Jordyn and John knew of each other in High School, but never really dated. John got back from his LDS mission, and in his words “He won!” on getting Jordyn to be his wife since he was one of the first guys in their group of friends to return. I loved that he said that! You can tell that he truly treasures Jordyn by the way he treats her. And let’s not forget the fact that this shoot took twice as long as I estimated (oops, teaching takes a while haha), and he was still so nice about being there and modeling with his sweetheart. Awww. The two of them were so so cute together, as you’ll soon see!  I just love letting a couple’s personality shine through, and letting that dictate how the session goes. It feels natural and intimate, and we capture photos that are full of meaning!


A couple in a modern building with lots of leading lines, sunlight, and architectural elements. The couples is hugging, touching arms, and showing off their love.PINIMAGEA couple is inside of a modern looking library. The couple is hugging, kissing, and smiling amonst the bookshelves.PINIMAGEThe setting is a modern building with pretty light, and lots of straight modern lines in the architecture. The couple is enjoying a quiet, natural intimate moment.PINIMAGEA cute couple inside of a modern building. The couple is hugging, and laughing. They are sitting on a yellow couch, laughing.PINIMAGEA couple dancing inside of a modern, open air building in the downtown Salt Lake City Library. The couple is dancing, twirling, and kissing.PINIMAGE


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From the moment Rebecca first emailed me, I could tell we were going to get along perfectly! She had picked such a rad location for their wedding (a killer coffee shop!), and she expressed a love for colors and genuine happy emotions in photos. That’s my kind of bride!!


While planning their shoot, Rebecca expressed an interest in shooting their engagement session in an urban city type setting. We settled on Main St. in downtown Salt Lake City Utah! We started off our session in front of the most darling (and tasty!) bakery – Eva’s Bakery, and then just walked around Main St. until we found spots we liked. Rebecca & Seth are just the cutest duo – they are always giving each other cute little compliments, and I love the slight quirkiness they have! At one point during the session, Seth told Rebecca she looked “like a peach dipped in suntan lotion” haha! That definitely garnered some genuine laughs!


We came across a really awesome installation with benches and chess boards, and to our surprise the pieces were still there for people to play with! It was fun watching Rebecca & Seth play a game, and the playful banter that ensued. You can see a little bit of Rebecca’s cute sass down below, and I just love that photo! Oh, and we can’t forget the guy who was randomly playing music, so of course I had to ask Seth & Rebecca to dance for me! My couple’s are the best! I love love love that they were willing to dance in front of everyone so we could get some unique photos!


For the second location of their engagement session, we headed over to Pierpont Place, and shot their second outfit around there. I love all the variety we can get at that location, with different colored backgrounds and textures. If you can’t tell by now, I’m a HUGE fan of color in my photos! Rebecca and Seth’s second outfits matched the location perfectly! I’m lowkey obsessed with how good their outfits matched the location! Nothing makes me happier than when all the parts of the engagements session – location, outfits, couple’s chemistry – come together perfectly!! Yay for pretty photos of lovey dovey couples!! I can’t wait to document these two’s wedding in July – it’s going to be amazing!!


An engagement session in downtown Salt Lake City. The couple is standing in front of a bakery with a french design to it. The couple is hugging, laughing, and smiling at the camera.PINIMAGEEngagement session photo taken in a downtown city setting. Two people in love, smiling at each other, and hugging.PINIMAGEAn engagement session in downtown salt lake city. The couple is walking around holding hands, being in love, and kissing.PINIMAGEAn engagement session in downtown salt lake city. The couple is sitting on a bench smiling at each other, holding hands, and dancing.PINIMAGEAn engagement sessione in downtown salt lake city. The couple is smiling, kissing, and  full of love.PINIMAGEEngagement session in downtown salt lake city. The couple is posing in front of urban walls and elements, and kissing.PINIMAGEEngagement session in downtown city setting, salt lake city utah. The couple is kissing and giving each other piggy back rides.PINIMAGE


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Gosh, seniors these days!! I seriously lucked out with shooting the cutest girls! A few years ago I had the honor of shooting Jaecee’s mother’s wedding, so it was fun to reconnect with her while we were planning Jaecee’s senior session! When we were planning Jaecee’s senior session, she expressed that she wanted a location with lots of industrial variety – bricks walls, colors, stairs, etc. This location in downtown Salt Lake City provided the perfect backdrop!
Doesn’t Jaecee have the cutest style too?! I loved all her outfits! Wanna hear a funny story? Jaecee is a super duper talented dancer, in fact, she’ll be attending the University of Utah in Salt Lake City this coming fall, and dancing for their team! (Go Utes! That’s my alma mater!) Anyway, since I knew she was a dancer, I asked if she wanted any action shots, and we tried a few things. Then Jaecee suggested this move where she does a small pirouette into a leap, and right as she snapped up into the leap, her jumpsuit went RIIIIIIP! Haha! She was such a good sport of it, and we all doubled over laughing! So we shot the rest of the photos with an extra little breeze lol. Not only was the leap amazing, but she handled the situation with such grace, and that’s my type of girl!
Jaecee was seriously the sweetest girl to work with, and I know she’ll do great things when she attends college this fall in Salt Lake City! She has totally excelled this last year in High School, with many dance & academic accolades! I feel a little bit like a proud momma when I meet these kids doing so many amazing things, and I’m glad I was able to be a small part of their journey into adult hood. Congratulations on graduating Jaecee! Can’t wait to see you dance with the Crimson Line this coming year!
Salt Lake City, Utah Senior Photographer-Ashley DeHartPINIMAGESalt Lake City, Utah Senior Photographer-Ashley DeHartPINIMAGESalt Lake City, Utah Senior Photographer-Ashley DeHartPINIMAGESalt Lake City, Utah Senior Photographer-Ashley DeHartPINIMAGESalt Lake City, Utah Senior Photographer-Ashley DeHartPINIMAGESalt Lake City, Utah Senior Photographer-Ashley DeHartPINIMAGE


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